Nick and Keri met in 2002. He was working for A-Channel as a camera guy, and she was working for MTV Canada as a production supervisor. Keri needed a camera guy for a shoot. Nick volunteered. A partnership began! They married in 2006 and now have 2 sweet little boys. He's the photographer. She's the business manager.

SHE SAID: As long as I've known Nick, he's been a bit of a camera geek...but I secretly love it. He's always looking at the world from the angle of a photographer -- which means we make frequent stops when we're on road trips! He shoots video as his day job, but it's still photography that he loves. And he's good. Really good.

HE SAID: Keri is focused and driven. Don't stand in her way once she puts a plan into action! She's also, well, my motivator -- as in, the little kick in the pants to always improve. We come at the world from two different perspectives. I am the spur-of-the-moment kinda guy and she's the details. But I think that's why we make a great team. She takes my crazy ideas and turns them into reality.